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Welcome to NEI

We Empower Companies with $1M+ in Revenue to Grow Strategically.
We Are Your Trusted Ally for Navigating the Entrepreneurial Journey.


Get to Know Us

NEI is an organization that works with companies with top line revenue above $1M. We assist the owners at these companies reach the next stage of their entrepreneurial life cycle. Whether it is increasing the metrics of an existing business, exiting an existing business, or acquiring a new business, we help entrepreneurs accomplish their goal by supplying proven strategies, human capital, and other resources that may not exist in the current organization.

The team at NEI and our network of legal and financial partners can provide creative solutions to meet almost any business need.

Capital for Business Growth
Private Equity, Private Debt
Strategy, Business Development, Scaling/Rapid Growth
Expansion or DIVESTITURE
Mergers & Acquisitions


Business Expansion Through Acquisitions
The experienced team at NEI connects investors with excellent acquisition opportunities. Investments are stringently vetted with <10% of businesses making it to phase one of our acquisition process. After a business is acquired, the NEI team continues to work with investors to improve the acquisition, making the business more valuable. Investors working with NEI will acquire a lucrative asset and receive significant ROI.
Business Expansion Through Partnerships
The results-driven team at NEI offers a Partnership Program where clients benefit from the business acumen of the NEI team and other strategic partners. Clients receive one-on-one attention to address specific business problems. These partnerships are a way to gain immediate access to valuable resources needed to enhance and grow a business. 
Business Exit Through Divestiture or Transfer
The passionate team at NEI believes in creating win-win situations for both the business seller and the investor. The acquisition process with NEI happens in three swift phases. From start to finish, our closings can happen in weeks, not years. The NEI team works with business owners to find a fair valuation for their business and carry out an exit plan that meets the business owner’s needs.
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