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Our Ideal Partner Has These Characteristics:

Company Size
$1mm to $15mm in revenue and up to $5mm in EBITDA.
Southeast Based
NEI is based in the Atlanta metro are and is primarily serving companies in Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Alabama.
Industry Agnostic
We are industry agnostic but focus primarily around services, manufacturing, and technology businesses.
Strong Asset Base
We prefer to work with businesses with a strong mix of assets on their balance sheet.
Existing Management
We have a strong preference to work with organizations with a management team in place and time dedicated to the project.
Scalable Growth Opportunities
We prefer companies that can scale or have untapped growth potential.


At Novel Ent. Ine. (NEI) we look to build upon the strong foundations that are already in place. We want to preserve and grow what makes your business special and find opportunities for your team to grow alongside the business.

We want to help you find a meaningful long-term solution for your business, create opportunities for your team to grow and thrive, and build upon what makes your company special.
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